high quality lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4)battery



Sande Battery is a high-tech company in China,which is specialized in researching and producing lithium iron phosphate battery,LiFePO4 battery and lithium ion battery.Sande Battery is a leading lithium battery provide in China,located in beautiful buddhist holy land of the wenshang county development zone.Covering 65 acres, the total investment is RMB 207 million, 15,000 square meters of factory buildings, exhibition hall,warehouse, office buildings and 11000 square meters. We are one of leanding lithium ion battery,high capaicyt LiFePO4 battery and photovoltaic module producer in China.The company has three projects: lithium-ion power battery,high capacity LiFePO4 battery and solar modules. Power of lithium ion battery project has domestic advanced production facilities, annual output of lithium-ion power battery 20 million Ah; The main products are lithium iron phosphate, manganese acid lithium and three yuan material system lithium-ion power battery, the main types are round 18650, 26650; Square molded case 10 Ah, Ah, 50 Ah, 100 Ah, etc. The product is mainly applied to electric vehicles, electric motors, electric bicycles, electric tools, communications, energy storage, etc.we provide most inexpensive photovoltaic module to our clients in domestic and overseas and we also provide full power solution for photovoltaic power station.

Company executives pay highly attention to build technical cooperation relations with the talents and advanced technology, actively and various universities, and constantly introduce outstanding graduates and advanced talents from national key colleges.

over 80% of the members of the company existing management own bachelor degree or above in degrees. The company invests RMB130 million to establish the lithium ion battery R&D laboratory tests of raw materials,with the technical backstopping of Northeast normal university, Shandong polytechnic university, Shandong university of science and technology, Zaozhuang college . The program is set up by postdoctoral research stations and formed a strong r&d team, which is going for lucubrating the lithium ion battery power, solar modules and new energy vehicles and so on .

The company has been adhering to the pursuit of management idea with”minimum cost, the highest quality”,to shape the world first-class professional manufacturers of lithium electricity image. And try our best to make Shandong SanDe electronics technology Co., LTD. become the domestic-lead and high-reputation lithium-ion power battery manufacturer in the industry power.

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