shipment of 40Ah Winston Battery to Switzerland

We deliver 100pcs 40Ah Winston Battery cells to Simone from Switzerland by air from Hongkong airport to Zurich airport.
Normally, Winston battery are packeged by plywood case.because of airline company has high requirement on packaging on lithium battery shipment, we have to change the package. Ariline company fix the max weight of each lifepo4 battery package is 10kg.
WB-LYP40Ah battery cells are packaged by 17pcs cartons each of them filled by 6pcs 40Ah winston cells. and the last cartons filled by 1pc 40Ah Winston battery and connectors.
all of the cartons are packaged on a pallet.

40Ah Winston Battery to Switzerland

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shipment of 40Ah Winston Battery to Switzerland”的一个响应

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