Winston Battery Shipment to Germany

Shipment of Winston Battery to Germany
We deliver 700pcs 100Ah Winston Battery (WB-LYP100AH),520pcs 40Ah Winston (WB0LYP40AH), 510pcs 60AH (WB)LYP60AH),210pcs 90AH Winston Battery (WB-LYP90AH) and 90pcs 160AH Winston Battery (WB-LYP160AH) from Shanghai port to Rotterdam port by a 20 feet DG container. its a order for Germany, it would be transfered by truck from Rotterdam port to Hannover, Germany,where we have a warehouse there.the supply of Winston Battery is not adequate the demand, clients have wait several month to get the order, that’s why Winston Battery Group set up a new bigger production factory in Changtai. the new prodcution factory has been in porduction since 6th Dec. 2016. the new winston battery factory is much bigger than the Winston Battery (shenzhen) Limited. the production volume is 1billion Ah per year. most of Winston Batteries would be available since 2017.

Clients from Germany could get Winston Battery from our partner in Hannover, we have Winston Battery in stock in Hannover.and we provide local service and technical support.


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