160Ah Winston Battery New Zealand

160Ah Winston Battery to New Zealand We deliver 34pcs 160Ah Winston Battery from Hongkong to Auckland by air for a client from New Zealand.the client need the WB-LYP160AH Winston Battery battery very urgent and we have the batteries in stock in Hongkong, that’s why we can deliver them fast.

they are packaged by 3 plywood case. two of them filled by 11pcs 160Ah Winston Battery, the other plywood case filled by 12pcs 160Ah LiYFePO4 battery cells. gross weight of the 34pcs 160Ah battery is 225kg.

700Ah Winston Battery

700Ah Winston Battery is one of biggest LiFePO4 Battery cell all over the world. the rated capacity is 700 Ampere Hour and the real capacity is over 750AH. the weight of each 700Ah Winston Battery is around 21kg, with energy of 2.2kwh.
the rated voltage is 3.2V. its LiYFePO4 battery. WB-LYP700AH. the dimension of 700Ah Winston Battery is 627x67x305mm.they are widely used in electric vechicles, energy storage project and solar power station. we have hundreds of 700Ah Winston Battery in stock on sales.

The dimension of plywood case is 710x386x446mm and gross weight is 98kg. there are 4pcs 700Ah Winston Batteries inside.

Winston Battery Germany Stock

Winston Battery Germany Stock
Winston Battery arrived our European warehouse in Hannover, Germany.

520pcs 40Ah Winston Battery,
510pcs 60Ah Winston Battery,
700pcs 100Ah Winston Battery,
210pcs 90Ah Winston Battery,
90pcs 160Ah Winston Battery arrived on 6th Feb,2017.

Shipment of 4000pcs 60Ah Winston Battery

we deliver 4000pcs 60Ah Winston Battery to Germany today.
There are 134 plywood case and each of them filled by 30pcs WB-LYP60AH Winston Battery.
they will be shipped from Shanghai port by a 20 feet DG container to Rotterdam. 

60Ah Winston Battery are high quality LiFeYPO4 Battery with capacity of 60 Ampere Hour and the rated voltage is 3.2volt.
the dimension is 114mm x 61mm x 203mm. the weight is 1.9kg. these batteries are for our European market.

60AH Winston Battery

60AH Winston Battery in stock !
60Ah Winston Battery massive in stock for sales for Germany and Russia markets.
most of them are pacakged in 12V60Ah LiFePO4 Battery bank with jpgs and straps.
WB-LYP60AH LiFePO4 Battery are produced by Winston Battery Limited Shenzhen Factory.
the dimenison of 60Ah Winston Battery is 114x61x203mm, the weight is 2kg.
as high quality LiFePO4 Battery, its widely used on electric vehicle and energy storage system.
we could deliver the batteries to you by air or by sea if you order in bulk.

60Ah Winston Battery are pack by plywood case each of plywood case filled by 30pcs 60Ah Winston Battery and the gross weith is 81kg.we could provide carton package specaily for shipment by air.

Winston Battery Uses

LiFePO4 Charger,1.8KW TC Charger and Kelly Controller

LiFePO4 Charger,1.8KW TC Charger and Kelly Controller
We deliver one 24V10A LiFePO4 Charger
one 36V10A LiFePO4 Charger
one 1.8KW TC Charger
one KDZ72801E Kelly Controller
by DHL today from Honkong to Germany

24V10A Charger are for 24V LiFePO4 Battery Pack (8pcs 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery Cells in series)
36V10A Charger are for 36V LiFePO4 Battery Pack (12pcs 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery Cells in series)
1.8kw TC Charger are for 72V LiFePO4 Battery Pack (24pcs 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery Cells in series)
the max output voltage is 87.6V

60AH Winston Battery

300Ah Winston Battery in stock

We have 500pcs 300Ah Winston Battery in stock on sales now!
WB-LYP300AHA Winston Battery with dimension of 362mm x 55mm x 306mm
and the weight is 9.7kg
high power LiFePO4 Battery, widely used on electric vechicles, energy storage system.

300AH Winston Battery In Stock

300AH Winston Battery In Stock

300Ah Winston Battery is the only 300Ah LiFePO4 Battery cells available in the market. the other company provide  LiFePO4 Battery with capacity of 200Ah at max now.
the real capacity of 300Ah Winston Battery normally as high as 330 Ampere Hour.
and 300Ah Winston Battery was installed in electric vehicles of military of United States. there are 120 electric vehicles in U.S. Army and each of electric vehicle powered by 100pcs 300Ah Winston Battery providing more 100 KW energy for each vehicle.

400Ah Winston Battery to Australia