160AH Winston Battery LiFeYPO4 in stock in Florida

160AH Winston Battery LiFeYPO4 cells in stock in florida in stock.
we have over half of our 160Ah thunder sky Winston battery cells in last 2 month to clients from different states of USA.
there are only around 120pcs left now.
anyone need high quality 160Ah LiFePO4 battery please feel free contact us.
we will deliver the cells to your house by truck and there is no import customs tax and other fee.

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160Ah LiFePO4 Battery in stock in USA

160Ah LiFePO4 Battery in stock in USA

we had 140pcs WB-LYP160AHA-B Battery produced by Winston Battery Limited from China. we had sold around 40pcs 160Ah Winston Battery last few weeks,at this moment, we still have 100pcs 160Ah Winston Battery in stock in Florida.
we had got some order of 160Ah Winston Battery from clients in different states
order of 6pcs 160Ah Winston Battery from Katy Texas,
order of 4pcs 160Ah Winston Battery from Pennsylvania,
order of 8pcs 160Ah Winston battery from California
order of 16pcs 160Ah Winston battery from New York.
order of 4pcs 160Ah Winston battery from Miami.
a client from Hungary need the 160Ah Winston battery urgent and we also plan to deliver 25pcs 160Ah Winston Battery to Hungary.

160Ah Winston Battery USA160AH LiFePO4 Battery