LiFePO4 Charger,1.8KW TC Charger and Kelly Controller

LiFePO4 Charger,1.8KW TC Charger and Kelly Controller
We deliver one 24V10A LiFePO4 Charger
one 36V10A LiFePO4 Charger
one 1.8KW TC Charger
one KDZ72801E Kelly Controller
by DHL today from Honkong to Germany

24V10A Charger are for 24V LiFePO4 Battery Pack (8pcs 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery Cells in series)
36V10A Charger are for 36V LiFePO4 Battery Pack (12pcs 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery Cells in series)
1.8kw TC Charger are for 72V LiFePO4 Battery Pack (24pcs 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery Cells in series)
the max output voltage is 87.6V

60AH Winston Battery

400Ah Winston Battery to Australia

We deliver 8pcs 400Ah Winston Battery to Australia and 24pcs 90Ah Winston Battery to Sydney.

There are 5plywood case totally.
24pcs 90Ah Winston Battery (WB-LYP90AH) are for clients from Sydney
8pcs 400Ah Winston Battery (WB-LYP400AH) are for clients from Melbourne

LiFePO4 Charger,1.8KW TC Charger and Kelly Controller

300Ah Winston Battery in stock

We have 500pcs 300Ah Winston Battery in stock on sales now!
WB-LYP300AHA Winston Battery with dimension of 362mm x 55mm x 306mm
and the weight is 9.7kg
high power LiFePO4 Battery, widely used on electric vechicles, energy storage system.

300AH Winston Battery In Stock

300AH Winston Battery In Stock

300Ah Winston Battery is the only 300Ah LiFePO4 Battery cells available in the market. the other company provide  LiFePO4 Battery with capacity of 200Ah at max now.
the real capacity of 300Ah Winston Battery normally as high as 330 Ampere Hour.
and 300Ah Winston Battery was installed in electric vehicles of military of United States. there are 120 electric vehicles in U.S. Army and each of electric vehicle powered by 100pcs 300Ah Winston Battery providing more 100 KW energy for each vehicle.

400Ah Winston Battery to Australia

Shipment of Winston Battery to Europe

We deliver 16,3700Ah Winston Battery and 10,000Ah Headway Battery from Shanghai to Rotterdam today by a 20 feet container.
they are shipped by a DG container,  delivered under regulation of UN3480.
there are 82pcs plywood case of Winston Battery and 13pcs carton of headway batteries.
both Winston Battery and Headway Battery are high quality LiFePO4 produced in China mainland. they are in top quality and behalf the latest lithium ion battery technology.
Winston Battery focus in large capacity LiFePO4 battery cells the minimum capacity of Winston Battery cell is 40 Ampere Hour.there are 40Ah, 60Ah, 90Ah, 100Ah, 130Ah, 160Ah, 200Ah, 260Ah, 300Ah, 400Ah, 700Ah, 1000Ah battery cells. Headway Battery is focus on 10Ah, 12Ah, 15ah and 20Ah round metal case LiFePO4 Battery.

We have warehouse in Hannover for Winston Battery and Headway battery and provide techinical support for European clients.
We deliver Winston Battery by 20 feet container every month from Shanghai to Rotterdam by 20 feet container. and we are open to share the container.
as one of leading lithium battery supplier in Europe, we are glad to cooperate with you!

Winston Battery Europe

Winston Battery Shipment to Germany

Shipment of Winston Battery to Germany
We deliver 700pcs 100Ah Winston Battery (WB-LYP100AH),520pcs 40Ah Winston (WB0LYP40AH), 510pcs 60AH (WB)LYP60AH),210pcs 90AH Winston Battery (WB-LYP90AH) and 90pcs 160AH Winston Battery (WB-LYP160AH) from Shanghai port to Rotterdam port by a 20 feet DG container. its a order for Germany, it would be transfered by truck from Rotterdam port to Hannover, Germany,where we have a warehouse there.the supply of Winston Battery is not adequate the demand, clients have wait several month to get the order, that’s why Winston Battery Group set up a new bigger production factory in Changtai. the new prodcution factory has been in porduction since 6th Dec. 2016. the new winston battery factory is much bigger than the Winston Battery (shenzhen) Limited. the production volume is 1billion Ah per year. most of Winston Batteries would be available since 2017.

Clients from Germany could get Winston Battery from our partner in Hannover, we have Winston Battery in stock in Hannover.and we provide local service and technical support.

LiFePO4 Battery Philipine

We deliver 48pcs 90Ah Winston Battery to Philippine from Hongkong by air.
its an order from University of Philippine for their solar energy project.

Winston battery Philipine

Winston battery Philipine

There are 2 plywood case, each of them filled by 24pcs 90Ah Winston Battery.
the Model of the Winston battery is WB-LYP90AH.
the total weight is 168kg.
Welcome clients from The Philippines contact us to order winston battery or other lithium battery especially LiFePO4 Battery.
The philippines is a great country, over 50% of lithium battery are import China mainland. we would try to develop sales network in Philippine to resell ourhigh quality Winston LiFePO4 Battery and other lithium battery.
any company or individuals would interested in resell lithium battery in Philippines, pls feel free to contact us.

Winston Battery Shipment to Germany